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Dedicated to Saving Lives

Our staff has been moved to serve by some of the most horrific incidents that plague our society daily. From the story about little Tiffany, a diabetic child that was beaten to death by her father for bedwetting, to countless others that have touched the lives of our staff, we stand ready to save lives. We are ready and prepared to help our clients discover the strength, hope and positive outlook on life that they may have lost.


Our staff includes licensed and pre-licensed professional and paraprofessional staff. All services are supervised and overseen by licensed clinicians.

Our Board of Directors that oversees our operations consists of community-based volunteers with a broad and varied scope of expertise. We also have a volunteer Advisory Board composed of community members and a Youth Advisory Board composed of community youth and graduates of our shelter programs.


While our inspiration of “Building Brighter Tomorrows,” may not come from the happiest incidents, it’s the happiness and hope that we can and have been delivering to the unfortunate that constantly fuels our motivation. Thanks to our wonderful staff and Board of Directors, tomorrow will be brighter for every life we touch.






Robert E. Smith, Board President and Chief Financial Officer
Terry Eddy, First Vice President and Secretary
Alex Steinberg, Second Vice President and Assistant Secretary
Christine Bonn, Member
Ernestine Frazier, Member
Renate Hild, Member
Ronald C. Troupe, Member and Board President Emeritus
Cozette Vergari, Member
Carol A. Adelkoff, CEO/Executive Director




Carol A. Adelkoff, CEO and Executive Director
Debbie Nelson, MFT, Senior Director of Clinical Services and Programs
Tobi Quintiliani, MFT, Senior Director of Community Response and Relations
Martin Martinez, Controller and Contracts Associate
Daphyne Howell, Director of Administration and Human Resources
Nancy Lomibao, MFT, Director of Clinical Programs
Rachel Citron, MSW, Director of Contracts and Quality Assurance
Betty Liu, Resource Development Director
Brenda Magid, Esq., Supervising Attorney for Program Participants
Gladys Haro, Esq., Attorney for Program Participants
Eduardo Gonzalez, Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program Director
Sayward Daley, MSW, Residential Services Supervisor
Roxana Cruz, MSW, Residential Services Supervisor
Eva Clay, LCSW, Community Services Center Supervisor
Amy Humphrey, MFT, Clinical Quality Assurance Supervisor
Cleo Young, MFT, Therapist
Rick Kunert, Employment Services Coordinator
Amanda Marquez, MSW, FamilySource Center Program Coordinator
Ofelia Robles, Program Coordinator
Dawn Marie Jones, MFT, Program Coordinator
Erin Ackerson, Program Coordinator
Freddie Black, MFT, Program Coordinator
Vitelio Aguilar, Jr., Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator